Why Online Faxing is Better Than Email

Online fax machines often send the document to another online system that passes the file onto the recipient’s email address. Why shouldn’t you just use email in the first place? The truth is that online faxing has many benefits over standard emailing services that can help your business thrive.

International Usage

If you are dealing with companies in countries that aren’t very technologically advanced, then it might be impossible to communicate via email. When it comes to transmitting documents, the fax machine is considered the most essential because every business has one.

An online fax machine can easily send documents to a G3 machine while an email service wouldn’t be able to do this.

Simple and Easy

One of the major reasons that faxing is still popular is because it’s a simple legacy system that every employee can use. It doesn’t matter if you have a steadfast employee that hates new technology or someone from the digital age. Every employee can easily use a fax machine because he or she just feeds the sheet into the machine, enters the number and sends the document.

Online versions nearly mimic the traditional faxing experience. The major difference is that the phone number is entered on the desktop and not on the machine. While this might seem as easy as sending an email, many employees have an easier time using this system.

Transmission Success

While you might get a mailer daemon notification stating that your email didn’t transmit, the truth is that it can sometimes be fairly difficult to know if the email actually reached the recipient.

Most online fax systems can be configured to broadcast the fax’s transmission success or failure. This will make your business run much smoother because you will know if the other person received the fax.

Legal Requirements

If you need the recipient to sign a contract or binding document, then email simply won’t do. Signed documents that are sent through an email may not hold up in court because the other person can make the argument that his or her email service was hacked or that the email was hijacked.

Faxes from traditional and online fax machines ensure that a third party has no way of intercepting the message. This means that the document will hold up in court and that it will be legally binding.

Extra Security

Both the T30 and T38 fax protocols are much more secure than the protocols used to send and receive emails. This is why faxes can be legally binding. These fax protocols will scan the transmission for any interference from a hacker. It’s fairly easy to check for interference because the protocols rely on the machine making a direct connection with the end-point fax machine.

If this connection is interrupted or rerouted, then the transmission will be broken. This will keep hackers from seeing, stopping or changing the fax. The transmission will only be sent if there’s no interference, which ensures that the other person really gets the intended message.


Is it easier to share five or more email addresses or one fax phone number? An online fax machine allows you to centralize all of your faxing to one location so that businesses and customers can easily contact you without having to juggle all of your email addresses.

Another good thing is that most online faxing services allow you to create automated transmission rules. For example, if the fax is meant for a certain person, then it will be sent to his or her email inbox.


While online fax machines tend to send documents digitally like an email, these machines are much better than an email service for many business matters. It’s a good idea to adopt online faxing so that your company can take advantage of all of these benefits without experiencing the drawbacks of emailing.


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