How to Choose the Best Online Fax Provider

The advent of online fax technology has led to the drastic rise of these unique services, as an increasing number of businesses select them to fulfill their fax needs. Online fax services are especially popular with small to medium-sized businesses who use online fax services for marketing, internal memos, order taking, and a host of other uses.

With low start-up costs and a number of helpful features, it is easy to see why this service is exploding in popularity and replacing traditional fax machines in offices all around the world. If your business does not utilize this valuable service, it should be a serious consideration to support its expansion. So, how do you select the right online fax provider for your business? Let’s explore this in further detail.

Consider Your Needs

When selecting an online fax provider, you must first consider the approximate number of faxes you plan on sending and receiving on a monthly basis. Considering your service needs is imperative in order to select an online fax provider that best suits your needs. Other factors like the number of fax accounts and numbers your business will need, fax broadcasting, and fax marketing should also be considered.

Compare Fax Packages Offered by Online Fax Providers

When your business is concerned, it pays to research and find the best possible solution for your fax needs. Hence, it is important to compare the number of faxes and the various packages offered by the leading online fax providers in the industry.

The majority of online fax providers offer a specific number of faxes that your business can send and receive each month, and when this number is exceeded, a fee is usually charged based on the number of faxes that exceeded the limit. Due to the month to month variance that typically occurs, these fees need to be taken into consideration when choosing an online fax provider.

Many online fax providers offer corporate plans that can be customized to meet the needs of your business. Therefore, if you expect to be sending and receiving a high volume of faxes, it would probably be wise to select a provider that offers a plan that will provide you with enough faxing abilities to fulfill your needs on a monthly basis for one low monthly fee.

Some companies even offer unlimited faxing if your business uses a large volume of faxes on a daily basis to communicate with employees and clients. However, these unlimited plans usually carry a premium fee.

Other companies charge a certain rate for every fax that is sent. This option is usually ideal for small businesses that utilize this technology on a limited basis. It’s also ideal for home-based businesses or home offices that send a limited number of faxes as well. Ultimately, it mostly comes down to choosing an online fax provider that can fulfill your faxing needs at the most competitive price.

Email Flexibility

After registering an account with an online fax provider, you will need to provide them with an email address to send inbound faxes to. Thus, it is also helpful to check to see if an online fax provider allows you to change your email address if the need arises. Although this should only be done in certain circumstances, the flexibility of having this option may prove helpful.

Enhanced Security Options

Some service providers also allow businesses to send signed or encrypted email through their online fax systems. This advanced feature allows a fax to only be read by certain individuals, making it unreadable if it is intercepted by someone other than the intended recipient. This is a tremendously valuable feature if security is a concern.

There are a number of online fax providers, but the best ones offer all of these features at competitive pricing packages. By following these tips, you will be well prepared to select the best provider for your business needs and quickly send and receive faxes online with ease.


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