How FoIP Works

FoIP is the most common acronym used to describe Internet faxing. This process is often equated to VoIP because it’s nearly the same. The only major difference is that VoIP is for voice while FoIP is for faxing. While the use of faxing has diminished, there are still many businesses that need to send and receive faxes. If you want to save money and keep your technology current, then an FoIP system is essential.

Definition of FOIP

FoIP stands for “Fax over Internet Protocol.” Unlike regular fax machines that send a message through the phone lines, FoIP sends messages through the Internet. The only time that an FoIP system uses the phone lines is when you are sending a message to a G3 fax machine, or a traditional fax machine.

An FoIP system is nearly identical to emailing someone, but the benefit is that you can still send messages to and receive messages from fax machines. These systems work by first converting your message, regardless of whether it’s a physical sheet or a digital file, into a PDF. PDF files are very easy to send, and they require relatively little memory.

The file is then sent to the other fax machine. If you are sending to a G3 machine, then the recipient will receive a sheet. If you are sending it to another FoIP system, then the recipient will receive either a sheet or email based on the system’s preferences.

T38 and T30

Older fax machines use the T30 protocol to send messages. This protocol will turn the scanned document into analog information that is sent through the phone lines to the other fax machine.

The T38 protocol is somewhat similar, but differs in the transmission. The scanned document is kept as digital data and it’s sent through the Internet. While phone lines might be involved if you are sending to a G3 machine, this is not the intended use of the T38 protocol.

Do I Need New Hardware?

Many businesses don’t want to upgrade to an FoIP system because they are worried about buying new hardware. The truth is that you may not need hardware based on your preferences. If you want a dedicated machine for faxing, then you can buy an IP fax machine or fax card.

If you want this functionality to be added to your computer network, then you can just buy FoIP software. You can send digital and scanned files through the software so that the message will be received by the intended recipient.

While the hardware can be useful, most businesses prefer to just buy the software because it’s less expensive and every computer with the program can send and receive faxes.

Regardless of which solution you choose, you will receive the full benefits of Internet faxing.

Benefits of FOIP

FoIP systems have several distinct benefits over G3 machines. The biggest benefit is cost. The cost to fax with an FoIP system is roughly the same as sending and receiving emails.

The transmission is also much faster. It can take a minute or longer for a message from a G3 machine to reach the recipient because the signal is sent through the phone lines. Internet faxing only takes a few seconds because the data is sent through the Internet.

Traditional fax machines are becoming obsolete. Not only are they slow, but they are relatively expensive and they need a fair amount of maintenance. FoIP systems fix all of these problems without requiring you to install new hardware.

An FoIP system can also make your network simpler to manage. If you have a G3 fax machine, then you need to add more phone lines to your network, which can make it difficult to maintain and repair if problems come up. An FoIP system should seamlessly fit in with your existing network.


FoIP or Internet faxing is the best way to send and receive faxes. Not only does it cost less, but it’s also easy to install and maintain. If you want to keep your business running, then it’s time to upgradie your faxing system with FoIP software or hardware.


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