Different Options for Receiving an Online Fax

A New Way to Communicate

In the past, a dedicated fax machine and phone line were needed to receive or send a fax. At the same time, only a single fax could be received or sent. However, Internet fax services enable subscribers to receive and send documents easily. This is the reason why Internet faxing is steadily gaining ground among offices worldwide.

Aside from being very convenient, it offers several advantages for consumers. These advantages include lower costs and a faster mode of communication. It also provides numerous ways of receiving an online fax.

Using a Hosted Service

Internet faxing is considered to be a hosted service. It means that people do not need to install or purchase modems, special software and fax servers. Instead, they subscribe to a third-party online faxing service. This provider converts faxes to e-mails and vice versa.

In order to receive a fax on their computer, people must first subscribe to an Internet fax service. This company provides them with a regular fax number. The sender then dials that number. This enables them to send the fax from a conventional fax machine.

The online subscription provider then receives the fax. They convert the data to an email attachment. It is then sent to the individual’s e-mail address. In order to view the faxed document, they can simply open the document in their email. An e-mail address is the only ting that is needed to receive online faxes. At the same time, faxes can also be received from a handheld device.

Receiving a Fax from a Handheld Device

Receiving an Internet fax from a handheld device is very easy. Examples of handheld devices include iPhones, Andriod Phones, Treos, PocketPCs and Blackberrys. This service is also commonly called mobile faxing. Similar to desktop online faxing, people are required to have three important components in order to receive a fax from a personal digital assistant.

These requirements include the ability to receive and send e-mail, good internet connectivity and a subscription-based Internet faxing service. At the same time, they must remember that handheld mobile devices utilize different technologies and methods to connect to the Internet.

To receive a fax, the sender must dial their regular fax number. The document is then sent to that number using a conventional fax machine. The Internet fax service receives their fax. It is then translated into a readable e-mail. This is then sent to their e-mail address. To view the message, they can simply open the document. This is done by accessing their e-mail on their personal digital assistant.

Using a Computer without a Hosted Service

Individuals who are using a computer and have an Internet connection can also receive Internet faxes when they are using Windows 7. This is achieved with the Windows Fax and Scan utility. People can use Windows Fax and Scan to receive documents from other applications, a fax appliance and even pictures that are scanned with a scanner. With this, there is no need for a conventional fax machine.

To be able to receive fax messages, a computer must be connected to a phone line. This needs to be attached to a fax modem. To start receiving messages, users must click the Start button on their desktop. They can then select All Programs and access Windows Scan and Fax.

This opens a Windows Scan and Fax window. It is also important for individuals to set up an account for themselves before they start receiving Internet fax messages. They must then click the Incoming Fax button found at the left side of the screen. After this, they can push the Receive a Fax button. This is found on the window’s toolbar.

With Internet faxing, businesses can obtain messages more quickly and efficiently. It also increases their ability to respond to consumer needs. At the same time, it increases employee productivity by cutting down on wait times that are associated with using a conventional fax machine.


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