Online Fax Informational Articles and Helpful Resources

How FoIP Works

FoIP is the most common acronym used to describe Internet faxing. This process is often equated to VoIP because it’s nearly the same. The only major difference is that VoIP is for voice while FoIP...

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From Traditional Fax to Online Fax

The fax machine that has been the staple of many offices for much of recent history is on its way out, just like the telex and the mimeograph. Eventually, all high technology joins the ranks of the...

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How to Choose the Best Online Fax Provider

The advent of online fax technology has led to the drastic rise of these unique services, as an increasing number of businesses select them to fulfill their fax needs. Online fax services are especially...

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How to Make Your Online Fax Look Great

In today's world, using a traditional fax machine is quite outdated and is not found in many workplaces. Instead, sending a fax to another individual or to a company is often done by using an online...

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Internet Fax Pricing: What to Expect

Internet faxing is a great way to save money and centralize all of your faxes because you don’t have to use paper and everything will be saved to your hard drive or server. At the same time, many...

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Is an Online Fax Right For my Business?

Traditionally, a fax machine was used for businesses to send documents back and forth, or for customers and businesses to correspond. It scans a document, dials another fax machine and transfers the...

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Mobilize Your Business with Online Faxes

From small business and service organizations to larger entities, organizational objectives rely on efficiency and security. Internet fax services provide capabilities for bypassing the delays and...

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Why Online Faxing is Better Than Email

Online fax machines often send the document to another online system that passes the file onto the recipient’s email address. Why shouldn’t you just use email in the first place? The truth is that...

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Top 5 Online Fax Sites