Top 10 Best Online Fax Providers of 2016

Online fax makes it possible to send and receive faxes from your computer or smartphone - with no fax machine, paper or toner refills. All you need is an email account and one of the top internet fax services listed below. provides comparison charts, reviews and rankings of the best fax software providers. To offer this service, we may receive advertising profits from companies we feature. Never experience a paper jam again, ever!

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Online fax providerFree trialPrice/Mo
Free Faxes/MoMobile AppOverviewRatingVisit Site
30 Days
One of the most affordable providers with a full range of features.
30 Days
Unbeatable prices and complete online interface. Incredibly easy-to-use.
30 Days
Feature-rich, low priced reliable online faxing system.
30 Days
Simple interface, large plans, low prices, super support.
15 Days
Simple service, price guarantee, flexible plans - superb package.
30 Days
Great functionality, transparent pricing and good customer support.
14 Days
Transparent pricing, intuitive interface, powerful features - one of the best.
3 Days
Reliable services; perfect for those only looking to receive faxes.
10 Days
Strong feature package; potential full telecom solution.
Multifaceted company, streamlined interface - great for small campaigns
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Why Use an Online Fax Provider?

Using an online fax provider will not only save you time when sending files and important documents, but it will also eliminate the need to invest in a traditional fax machine that is outdated and no longer necessary. Using an online fax provider also gives you the ability to track faxes you have sent while ensuring they have been delivered on time and to the proper recipient. They’re also “green friendly”. They provide business a way to send digital hard copies, allowing them to move to a paperless system. In contrast to a traditional fax machine, internet faxes are also pretty affordable. Setup is free, no technicians are required, and they’re easy to maintain. Fax for free with our free fax software providers. This is ideal when you want to send a free fax online, for personal reasons or if you need to send hundreds of faxes each day for your business.

Online Fax Pricing

In order to select an online fax provider that is right for you, start by outlining your budget. Consider how many faxes are the minimum you’ll need to send/receive per month, and decide on a maximum price that feels comfortable. When comparing the prices, it’s essential to review package deals, unique features, and any additional feels that may be incurred with each different fax provider you are interested in. Some online fax providers may only charge you based on the number of faxes you send, whereas other companies offer unlimited faxing for one flat monthly rate. Finding the right service for you greatly depends on the number of faxes you plan to send regularly and whether or not you prefer to pay for single faxes or for unlimited faxes each month.

Online Fax Services and Features

Once you’ve outlined a budget, it’s time to compare all of the features that are offered from each online fax service provider before you register for your own account. Comparing features of the best fax software will save you time and help you to find a service that fits your needs, whether personal or for business purposes. Some online fax services keep a detailed record of your sent and received faxes, giving you access to your documents at all times. The more features an online fax providing service has to offer, the easier it is to manage and send documents within seconds without a hassle and without worrying about whether or not the fax has been sent and received properly.

Finding the right online fax provider will give you peace of mind while also allowing you to keep better track of your documents and where they have been sent. The more research you conduct when comparing online fax providers, the more likely you are to find a great deal that is affordable and reliable for all of your faxing purposes.

The Reliability of Internet Faxes

Research the reliability of various online fax providers before you make your selection. It is possible to send a free fax from computer but be sure to find an online fax provider that boasts an uptime guarantee that can be verified. Read real customer testimonials and reviews to find out more when it comes to the level of service each online fax provider has to offer and how it can benefit you. Ensuring you are working with an online fax provider that is reliable will put your mind at ease any time you send a fax.

Security Features of Online Fax Providers

Security is always a concern when it comes to the transmission of important documents. Luckily, internet faxing is considered to be more a more secure method of transmission that email or traditional faxing. The best online fax providers send documents over a secure and encrypted connection to ensure it arrives in the hands of the right person. When the fax is sent, the addressee received an email notice with a link pointing to the digital fax document. The link opens a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection in order to retrieve the document and show it in a browser. From here, the recipient can save or print the file.

How can it be any more secure? Before you register for an account with an online fax provider, be sure to read more in-depth on the level of security that is provided based on your needs and the type of data you plan to be sending. If you’re planning on purchasing a plan for your business, choose an online fax provider that offers password protected user-accounts. Some online fax providers also offer features which require the recipient to login in order to retrieve the fax. We also recommend you check the level of their transmission and storage encryption, to ensure that it meets your security needs. Those seeking out the highest security levels may want to consider upgrading to a premium plan that sends faxes over a Transport Layer Encryption (TLS) or Virtual Private Network (VPN), both option s offered by the our top ranked online fax providers.